Considerations When Moving A Piano

Piano Moving

If you own a piano you have probably made a huge investment in it. They are expensive instruments and many times have sentimental value that is priceless. Making sure that your piano is moved properly is very important if you want to avoid any type of damage to the exterior or the interior of the instrument. There are any movers who will transport your piano for you but hiring the best moving company takes a little time and effort to find.

What To Look For

When looking for a moving company to transport your piano some things you might want to take into consideration are the equipment they use. Some equipment they should have on hand are:

  • dolly for rolling it from one place to another
  • moving straps to secure the piano in place
  • blankets to protect the exterior
  • leg covers to protect the legs of the piano

Generally moving companies will have these types of items but if they don’t that should be your first warning to keep looking for another mover.


broken piano from movingDo it yourself piano moving is not advisable. Just because you own a piano doesn’t mean you have the expertise to move it. It can be a very complex job. Is the piano on an upper level? Do you need to take it down stairs? Will you need a crane to move it? These are all things to consider. Also keep in mind the bulky awkward shape of pianos. This makes it extremely difficult to manoeuvre and handle. Unless you do this on a regular basis, it isn’t something you want to handle on your own.

Final Thoughts

Piano moving is a complex job that is best left to experienced movers who know the ins and outs of relocating an instrument like this. If any damage is done to the piano then it will be covered by the insurance your moving company provides. Keep in mind how precious your piano is to you. Finding the best movers to help you is your best bet.


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